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Daily Writing Progress, Week One: Friday

How many words did I write yesterday? 919 – Still not where I want to be/where the magic just flows, but closer.

Today’s beginning word count: 10,046 – The first 10k milestone! Yay! It took me MUCH longer to reach the first 10k on Book One, so hopefully this represents progress.

Total words written this week (M-Sat): 2,692 – A stark reminder that I’m nowhere near my goal for the week!

What goals do you have for yourself this week? Share your progress!

Daily Writing Progress Update

How may words did I write yesterday? 673 – Not much better

Today’s beginning word count: 9,127

Total words written this week (M-Sat.): 1,735  At this rate, nowhere close to my goal! 🙂

Daily Writing Progress

How many words did I write yesterday? 623 – Better!

Today’s starting word count: 8,454


Daily Beginning Word Count

How many words did I write yesterday? 439

Today’s beginning word count? 7,831

My First Blog Review

This journey to sharing a story with the world is filled with new adventures and experiences. The biggest, and definitely best, part of this journey has been the people. I’ve met so many completely wonderful people throughout this process of learning to write (and share! sharing is the bigger learning curve) this story, that it really is giving me renewed hope that there is a good future for us crazy humans.  Even better has been the re-discovery, and in some cases re-connection with the people who have been there all along.

To all of you – thank you. From the bottom of my heart, whether you are new in my life at this point, have always been, or are yet to come, you will never know how much I truly appreciate you.

And, a really special tribute to those of you who have read my story and enjoyed it, and have lived for just a few short moments with me in Eirentheos … wow.  I know everyone has different tastes, and I still love you even if you think my story is terrible, or boring, or whatever, really. 🙂  But finding those people who really do like it, who have connected with me in that deepest of places inside my mind … that is a feeling that cannot be matched by anything else. It’s amazing, and you are my kindred spirits, and the story is as much yours as it is mine. Thank you.

And now … check out this FANTASTIC blog review, by the amazing and talented Tonya Christensen on her blog, What All the Kids Are Reading.



Beginning Word Count 9-26-11


Paperback Release!

As of today, Seeds of Discovery is available in paperback on Amazon! It’s also on sale in the CreateSpace store, for the same price and I get more in royalties, but you have to pay for shipping, and the CreateSpace storefront is beyond terrible, really. So, I suggest buying it on Amazon. So yay! If any of you have been waiting for the paperback version, now is your chance!

Of course, you could always wait and buy your own autographed copy from me … I’ll have those soon. And speaking of that, to all of you wonderful, amazing people that I know … be on the lookout for your invitation to the big book release/housewarming/Little Goose’s VERY belated birthday party … there will be a piñata!

In honor of the release … it’s time for a poll!

Recalling Inspiration…

Or at least I’m trying to! 🙂  There has been so much going on lately that my brain is not yet where I need it to be. (And, dangit… the ‘a’ key has come detached from my keyboard, and I can’t get it to stay on! Gonna seriously mess with my wpm).

So, in honor of working on becoming inspired again (and so I can at least post something!) I am posting a link to a very early rough-draft version of Book Two. Please enjoy, COMMENT and help me get back into the swing of writing. 🙂

Click here

Yay, Internet Again!

I know, I know, it’s been WAY too long since I last posted. Thanks to those of you who have stuck around. 🙂  The last couple of weeks have been pretty insane around the Puttroff house. 🙂 After the whole lovely HOA thing, we are finally (almost) all the way moved. There are still a few trips of random stuff left at the other house … my computer chair and water cooler are among the pile, and I am missing those. I am WAY behind in everything, which is nothing new of course, but the piles are a bit more overwhelming at the moment – most especially after moving in on Saturday and starting with a couple of temporary new kiddos on Monday morning. So, in addition to being buried underneath piles of my own accumulated JUNK (trash bags, here we come!), I have also been trying to keep up with two babies under a year, plus a slew of 2-5 year olds who circulate in and out. It may be, *ahem* a few days before I’m back to normal writing/blogging/communicating status.

So, for tonight, to save us all from my rambling, I will direct you to the amazing piece of awesomeness that happened today – my first video review! And, it’s from someone I’ve never even met!