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I’ve Moved!

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My friend, Kristy K. James wrote this beautiful and insightful post that I just couldn’t NOT share.

Things I Shouldn’t Say …

I am going to make enemies writing this post, but I have decided that I don’t care.  This topic has been on my mind lately, as there has been an excessive amount of drama going on between authors (mostly of the Indie variety) and reviewers (mostly of the book-loving, honest variety).

I’m usually the type to stay out of most of it (though if you know me in certain arenas, you know I’ll speak my piece about it). But there are some things that I just need to say sometimes, even if my life would be easier if I didn’t.

Today on Facebook, several of the writers I’ve liked or followed over time have been sharing a picture titled something about supporting your favorite author.

I’m fine with that up to a point.  I shared a picture a week or two ago with general suggestions on how to support indie authors if you’re so inclined. But the one today rubbed me the wrong way. And it was because, as these things often tend to do, it stepped over the line — going on and on about how being a writer is such a sacrifice, time away from family, having to market, not making any money, blah, blah, blah … and the least readers can do is press the like button, and leave *high* star ratings. Yes, it specifically clarified that star ratings should be high, even going on to make sure readers know that a single negative review can “tear an author down.”

And, dear readers, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry there are authors out there who feel entitled to demand something of you (especially when you’ve already given them your money — or even just your time, which is actually the more valuable of the two.)

Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy as can be when someone presses the “like” button on Amazon on one of my books, and over the moon when someone takes the time to write a review. I’m appreciative and grateful. But I don’t expect it of you. It’s enough for me if you’re willing to sample my work.  If you enjoy it and drop me a note about it — you have no idea how much it makes my day, every single time, every single message.

Even if you didn’t enjoy my work, and you choose to leave a negative review — I do NOT begrudge you that. I still appreciate your taking the time to try, and even more your time to share that experience with other readers who might share your tastes. Period, end of story.


As for authors — please stop. Writing is something you chose to do. Putting it up for sale, whether you have a publisher or not, is a business decision.  I don’t care if it took you thirty years to write it while you ignored your children and your hair fell out from lack of washing it because you were glued to your computer screen. Readers don’t OWE you anything. Stop with the “give something back to me” routine.  Stop taking negative reviews as personal attacks (yes, even if the big meanie said that your book sounds like it was written by a third grader).

Stop playing games and defending other authors whose books you haven’t even read. Stop writing fake reviews for each other, and recruiting ten thousand people to click like on your book, and tagging your books with the names of famous people.

It’s insulting to readers, and it’s insulting to the rest of us authors who are trying to connect with readers instead of playing games.


I know this is a long diatribe, and I’m sorry. If you took the time to read it, thanks. I’m sure I’ll be attacked for it. I’ll probably even get negative reviews on my books from “anonymous” folks who want to make me put my money where my mouth is (though the sad part is, it’ll be from other authors, not from readers).

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to readers everywhere who want to be in love with stories, and not the people behind them, and thank you, too, to the (many, many) professional authors out there who also want to keep it real.

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In which I am interviewed by my fantastic friend, and fellow author, Kristy K. James!

I’ve Moved …

I know I’ve announced this before, but my main blog has moved locations. You can find and follow me over at I’d love to have you join me over there. 🙂

Thorns of Decision is Now Available

I know, I said it would be June 1st, but we’re close enough. 🙂 Thorns of Decision is now available at both Amazon for Kindle and at Barnes and Noble for Nook.

It is not yet available in paperback. My original plan was to have it available in all three formats by June 1st, but I made some last-minute changes to the story, and that was way too much to ask of my awesome designer. 🙂  Paperbacks are coming soon.

As I often do, I announced this news first to the awesome fans of my Facebook page, so if you are interested in hearing news like this first, make sure you stop over there, too. 🙂

How Much “Steam” is too much in Young Adult Literature?

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This past year has been a big one for learning and trying new things. Every week there seems to be a new adventure, or something else I’m trying. It’s really been a wonderful ride and journey so far.

Part of learning and trying and adjusting is the process of trying new things, and changing the old ways when the new ones are better. I’ve debated making this change for awhile, but have decided that it’s finally time to do it, now that I’ve learned enough to mostly know how! And hey … it’s always a good way to celebrate a birthday week — something new for a new year.

I am changing this blog over from a site to a self-hosted one, for a variety of reasons.  If you’re interested, I may do a “Techie Tuesday” series sometime about why, once I really have it all figured out for myself.

For the most part, the new site won’t be terribly different from this one. It will look and work much the same (although there are some exciting design changes pending).

The biggest change is the location, and the fact that if you’re following me here to get updates when I post, and to get the scoop on new news about The Dusk Gate Chronicles, you will NOT be getting them automatically at the new site.

So what I’m asking for today is a huge favor. 🙂 I’m asking you to head on over to the new site at  and check out the new post there that has some fun information about the upcoming re-release of the paperback version of Seeds of Discovery, AND a special giveaway for those of you who are kind enough to “follow” me over to the new site!

Dusk Gate Character Interviews: Nathaniel Rose

I’ve been promising this interview for awhile. Since it’s my birthday today, I decided to carve a little bit of time out to get it posted.

Nathaniel was not nearly as excited about being interviewed for the blog as Thomas was, but he has graciously agreed to answer our questions. 🙂 I’ll dive right in with the things that readers are dying to know. 🙂

For those who haven’t “met” Nathaniel, he is William’s uncle. He is a doctor in our world, with a small medical practice in Bristlecone, Colorado, and a healer in his own world who travels throughout Eirentheos (and sometimes Philotheum) helping establish clinics and impart some of the medical knowledge he has learned in our world, which is much more technologically advanced than his own world is.

Alyssa: How do you cope with being away from home for so long?

Nathaniel:  I’ve been doing it for a very long time now, so I’m sort of used to it. My life very much revolves around being able to pick up and go from one “life” to the other. I’m always very busy, wherever I am, so most of the time I don’t really have the opportunity to think about it.

Beth: Do you ever regret spending so much time in our world and wish you could spend more time in your own?

 Nathaniel: I don’t really know how to answer this question. On one hand, I’m extremely grateful for the time I’ve had to spend in your world. The things I’ve learned here and have been able to bring back to our world are amazing, and none of it would have ever been possible if I hadn’t had the chance to live here. On the other hand, I truly love my own world and wish that none of it would ever have been necessary. The life I “should” have had was very different, and I regret that circumstances were such that it didn’t happen. It is a wish of mine that things in my world would be restored to how they should be, and if that happens then I would return to my own world to live full time there with no hesitation.

Kristy: Have you ever considered staying in Bristlecone forever?

 Nathaniel: I’ve thought about what it would be like if I had to — if the political situation in my own world worsened to the point where it would be dangerous for me to spend time there. While there are many things I love about that world, and have even grown accustomed to, it would never be my first choice to stay there forever.

Sara/Jenni: Have you ever had a woman in your life/been tempted to settle down? (Actually, a number of readers are quite interested in learning if you’ve ever had any romantic exploits.) 🙂

Nathaniel: (blushing!) Um … I’ve always hoped that someday I would meet the right person and be able to settle down. Of course, balancing my life between two worlds doesn’t exactly make that easy. I don’t know if I could ever find a woman who I could share my secret with, and who would be willing to either deal with my being gone all the time or would come with me.

I have thought about it from time to time … and I’ve met a couple of women I wouldn’t have minded getting to know better, but so far nothing has really worked out.

Kristy: Will you go on a blind date with me?

Nathaniel: How do you feel about a horseback ride to Cloud Valley? 😉

Sara: How did you get interested in medicine?

Nathaniel: I am the fourth born child in my family, which means that the gift I was given at birth is “healing.” While there are many things this can mean, I knew from an early age that I wanted to work as a healer of people. When I first traveled to the other world and discovered the medicine there, I knew it would be my life’s work to use what I could learn there to enhance the healing practices in my own world.

Jenni: What are the best and worst things about having medical practices on two different worlds?

Nathaniel: Probably the best thing about having access to both worlds is truly having the ability to compare and contrast the different practices in the two. It’s maybe because our technology is so limited in my world that our healing is much more individually focused and more holistic. Care is very relational in my world. It’s also nice to be able to study the scientific and technological advances of another world and have the ability to incorporate the best of both worlds into my philosophy.

The worst part is that I’m never in one place long enough to really build up my own ideal practice. I’m always moving, drifting from one thing to another, so there’s never really the chance to build up the community and relationships that I would truly love to.

Kristy: Do you like tomatoes?

Nathaniel: It took me a while to get used to them, but over the years I have acquired a taste for tomatoes, yes.

Jenni: What is your favorite color?

Nathaniel: Green. For all of the challenges and difficulties I have faced, in my heart I will always be loyal to my real home.


Nathaniel has graciously agreed to answer any follow-up questions you’d like to ask in the comments. Comment below for a chance to win a “new and improved” paperback copy of Seeds of Discovery when it is released in the next couple of weeks! 🙂