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I’ve Moved …

I know I’ve announced this before, but my main blog has moved locations. You can find and follow me over at I’d love to have you join me over there. 🙂

Thorns of Decision is Now Available

I know, I said it would be June 1st, but we’re close enough. 🙂 Thorns of Decision is now available at both Amazon for Kindle and at Barnes and Noble for Nook.

It is not yet available in paperback. My original plan was to have it available in all three formats by June 1st, but I made some last-minute changes to the story, and that was way too much to ask of my awesome designer. 🙂  Paperbacks are coming soon.

As I often do, I announced this news first to the awesome fans of my Facebook page, so if you are interested in hearing news like this first, make sure you stop over there, too. 🙂

How Much “Steam” is too much in Young Adult Literature?

Join me over at the “new” blog site to add your input in this discussion. 🙂

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