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I Wonder if Storytelling is Genetic?

My four-year-old Little Goose just came up to me, wanting to explain why her Fancy Nancy doll needed a band-aid (no, I didn’t ask, nor do I restrict band-aid use in the house, and it was a toy band-aid in any case).

Apparently, Fancy Nancy was *gasp* riding her bike in the house, AND going really fast, pretending that it was a car and she wasn’t being careful. She ran into a picture frame which was on the floor (because it fell), that had a picture of her grammie and her pet unicorn in it, and the glass cut her.
I may just have to use that one someday.

Happy Saturday

Saturdays are almost always happy, aren’t they? Even in the winter, I like Saturdays. A summer Saturday is just icing on the cake. And there was cake today, and much rejoicing. Today we celebrated the 18th birthday and the high school graduation of a dear family friend, Casey. Such an exciting time to see him happy and launching into the “adult world” (if you ever figure out what that means, Case, let me know!).

It makes me feel terribly old, though, because I distinctly remember being in the car on the way to the hospital to see and hold him on the day he was born. My mom was driving, which was an odd sensation at the time, because I’d had my driver’s license for almost exactly two months at that point and I had been doing most of the piloting. (And now, I’ve just told every math-literate person in the world EXACTLY how old I am).
Of course, I also remember holding him and cooing over him and being so, so grateful for his arrival to parents (and family and friends) who so desperately wanted him. It has been an honor and a privilege to watch you grow up, Casey. Congratulations!
Not so productive on the writing front today, unfortunately, but I suppose that not every day can be.  I do actually have followers on Twitter now — I guess I need to figure out what to do with them!
I did get to share a little bit of Dusk Gate at the party with one of my favorite, very enthusiastic, almost-eighth-graders, GD!  She said she loves it, which is encouraging me to finish with the prepublication stuff and get it out. 🙂

I Think I’m Having Too Much Fun With This

It’s been a busy couple of days, but busy in that truly awesome way that will get no complaints from me.

I’m starting to figure out SOME of this web page stuff… I think I’ve solved the blog thing by moving it to my index page instead of on a page all its own.  I guess I’ll see how that works out. 🙂
I was actually so absorbed in getting things done and enjoying the house and one of my daycare kiddos this morning, that I *forgot* I had a kid coming at 8:00! (I knew about it when I woke up — I just lost track of that thought!)
 I’ve never been so surprised to hear the doorbell ring. (Well, maybe surprised was not the word, since the thing rings incessantly while the Fantastic K is staying here), but it was one of those disorienting kinds of moments. Not that it was a problem. Kids showing up here at random for me to feed and entertain is a pretty regular occurrence whether I’m being paid or not.
So, we had a great day. Whole-wheat pancakes and cherries for breakfast, and then Papa came over at lunchtime bearing Taco Bell and my fun nephews, Amazing A and Marvelous M.
We picnicked outside before taking all six kiddos on a fun field trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. We love that place, and make fantastic use of our annual membership. I was going to post pictures, but it turns out this is yet ANOTHER area I need to figure out. 🙂  Need to have a *link* to the pictures. Ah well, project for tomorrow (or later — have to get back to writing sometime!)
After all of that, the kids spent HOURS playing summertime games outside. Amazing A is spending the night with us, so it was nice to have the two older ones to help keep an eye on Little Goose outside while I got to work on the website and writing stuff.
Fantastic K is reading a copy of Dusk Gate right now — she says she likes it. The book is appropriate for all ages, because that’s how I roll. 🙂

My Original Second Post – from the other blog!

Wow!  Actual comments on my first post. 🙂  I feel loved! I guess it’s time for a second one.

Yes, yes, I know. I’m going to have to get more creative with my blog titles.  There is just no room in my head for that yet between all of the reading about book marketing, and finishing editing, and beginning the second book, and KIDS.  Oh yes, my house is overflowing with children. My own Little Goose has been quite socialized this week with her cousin visiting from Nebraska (and MAN, does that girl have a social life for a nine-year-old who spends all of one week a year in the state! She has more friends here than I do.)

Aside from the Fantastic Cousin K, and her entourage, Little Goose has been spending time with my nephews, AND the kids that I watch, AND daily playdates with our sweet little neighbor. Our little home is one hopping place these days, and it’s wonderful.
At some point, I am probably going to have to attack Mount Laundrymore and actually do some folding, and the sand situation on the front porch is becoming desperate — I think I saw a camel poking around out there last night. (FWIW – a sand table is NOT a tidier option than a sandbox. Nor does it stop any small child from sitting in the sand and getting it inside his or her diaper/underwear) For right now, though, I’m just grateful to actually be completely absorbed with things that make me feel good and right and happy. It’s the first time in a long time, and it is amazing.
My first book, Dusk Gate: Seeds of Discovery is in the exceptionally fun stage – revising!  (No, really… I’m a compulsive editor/reviser — THIS is the fun part for me.) I’ve even seen some preliminary work for cover design.  And, I’m in the middle of the first chapter for the second book.  These days, I wish I didn’t need to sleep.
Thank you so much for the comments on my first post!  Kristy, I’m on my way over to your blog in a few minutes!  Soon, I promise I’ll be reading The Reluctant Guardian — it’s my very next non-book marketing/designing/editing read!