Book One: Seeds of Discovery

Quinn Robbins has never paid much attention to William Rose, a shy, quiet boy a year ahead of her in their small, mountain town high school. But after the night she almost hits him with her car in a spot on the highway where he has no business being, she suddenly finds herself noticing all of his other strange behaviors.

Driven by a compulsive sense of curiosity that she just can’t seem to shake, she tries to learn more about him, but the more she learns the stranger things become. Why does a senior in high school always have his nose buried in medical journals? What is he doing down by the river every Friday evening, and just how does he keep disappearing?

And why does she keep having dreams about him?

On the night Quinn decides to follow him and find out what is really happening, she stumbles upon an old secret and makes a discovery that will change her life forever.

With characters that will find their way into your heart, and make you wish you were along for the journey, readers everywhere are falling in love with the Dusk Gate Chronicles.

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