Daily Writing Progress, Week One: Friday

How many words did I write yesterday? 919 – Still not where I want to be/where the magic just flows, but closer.

Today’s beginning word count: 10,046 – The first 10k milestone! Yay! It took me MUCH longer to reach the first 10k on Book One, so hopefully this represents progress.

Total words written this week (M-Sat): 2,692 – A stark reminder that I’m nowhere near my goal for the week!

What goals do you have for yourself this week? Share your progress!


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  1. this weeks goals were to get 6 posts up. I did 8. I also wanted get past my huge argument in my novel that will spin my main character into a heap load of trouble. And finally, I wanted to pass 15k words, haven’t made it but I have two more days.

  2. I went through and rewrote parts of the first novel this week. Went from 93,000 to 95,500. So about the same as you. πŸ™‚ I have not been writing on my blogs though, just a couple of articles for CM. Going to go back to the third novel now. I was surprised that I enjoyed reworking the old stuff. Now I get to continue the saga… I just love seeing where the characters take me.

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