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Daily Writing Progress, Week Two: Monday

How many words did I write last week? 6,341

My goal was 10,000, so I didn’t make it, by a long shot. 🙂 But it has been getting better, and things are possibly starting to flow, just a bit. Everything about the story is really rough-draft stages at this point, but I am about to start writing in Eirentheos … can’t wait to get back there. 🙂

Book Two progress so far: 13,733 words.

Let’s see if this week can go more smoothly, writing-wise than last week.  My goal, again, for the week is 10,000 words. Can’t raise the goal, like I might have hoped to, but maybe I’ll make it this time.

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week for everyone. A new chance, so to speak. What are your goals for this week? (No, they don’t have to be writing-related!) What can we do to support each other in reaching them?