Happy Saturday

Saturdays are almost always happy, aren’t they? Even in the winter, I like Saturdays. A summer Saturday is just icing on the cake. And there was cake today, and much rejoicing. Today we celebrated the 18th birthday and the high school graduation of a dear family friend, Casey. Such an exciting time to see him happy and launching into the “adult world” (if you ever figure out what that means, Case, let me know!).

It makes me feel terribly old, though, because I distinctly remember being in the car on the way to the hospital to see and hold him on the day he was born. My mom was driving, which was an odd sensation at the time, because I’d had my driver’s license for almost exactly two months at that point and I had been doing most of the piloting. (And now, I’ve just told every math-literate person in the world EXACTLY how old I am).
Of course, I also remember holding him and cooing over him and being so, so grateful for his arrival to parents (and family and friends) who so desperately wanted him. It has been an honor and a privilege to watch you grow up, Casey. Congratulations!
Not so productive on the writing front today, unfortunately, but I suppose that not every day can be.  I do actually have followers on Twitter now — I guess I need to figure out what to do with them!
I did get to share a little bit of Dusk Gate at the party with one of my favorite, very enthusiastic, almost-eighth-graders, GD!  She said she loves it, which is encouraging me to finish with the prepublication stuff and get it out. 🙂

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