An Interview with Prince Charming

Nine weeks from today – June 1, 2012 — is the official launch of Book Three in the Dusk Gate Chronicles, Thorns of Decision. In celebration, several of the characters have agreed to be interviewed here on the blog, and to answer some of the questions you may have about them.

Never one to shy away from attention, Thomas has graciously agreed to go first (or else, possibly, he pushed me into it). 🙂

I have some questions for him, and there have also been readers writing in, both here on the blog, and on the Facebook page with questions of their own. 😉

Me: Let’s start with the basic things. What is your full name?

Thomas: Really? That basic? (smiling) My full name is Thomas John Rose.

Me: Do you have any nicknames?

Thomas: (the twinkle in his eye is visible, dear readers) Most of the time I go by Thomas. But, aside from Crumple ChampionBest Brother in the Kindgom, Prince CharmingSwordsman Extraordinaire, The Older, and Better-Looking Twin, and Supreme Potentate of Emma’s Tea Parties, my siblings often call me T.  I refuse to acknowledge anyone who addresses me with any other shortened versions of Thomas.

Me: How old are you?

Thomas: I am fifteen, almost sixteen, cycles. Cycles translate roughly to years in your world.

Me: Tell us about your siblings. You have twelve of them, right? That’s a lot.

Thomas: (smiles easily) Yes, thirteen children is a lot, even by my world’s standards, where larger families are expected. I’m right in the middle of the boys in my family with three older brothers, and three younger. Simon, Maxwell, and William are older, Joshua, Daniel, and Alex are younger. Then I have one older sister, Rebecca, and four younger ones, Emma, Alice, Sarah, and Hannah. My twin sister, Linnea, would murder me in my sleep if I announced to the world that she was younger than me, but technically she is.

Me: Are there some of your siblings you are closer to than others?

Thomas: I have what I consider to be pretty close relationships with almost all of my siblings, even though each of them is very different. Linnea, of course, is my twin — probably in many more ways than just that accident of our birth. She and I are almost always on the same page in our thinking, and she loves both intrigue and people as much as I do, so we definitely have that connection.

And then there’s William. He’s gone a lot of the time, but when he’s home, he and I are inseparable. He’s more serious than I am, and he takes things so hard sometimes, but I really think it’s because his heart is softer than anyone’s. I really love that guy.

After those two, I have a major soft spot for my little brother Alex. He’s Emma’s twin, and not only is he “younger” than she is, and completely dominated by her, but he’s stuck in the middle of all of the little girls — and I swear those little fireballs are going to take over the kingdom someday. Alex handles them, though, with his own quiet little sense of humor. He puts Emma in her place sometimes and she doesn’t even know it.

Kristy: Deep down inside, are you ever jealous of your brother, William?

Thomas: (raising an eyebrow) Jealous of William? It’s not that I don’t have a jealous streak sometimes. I’ve been jealous of both Simon and Max before. I’ve definitely been jealous of the relationship that my sister Rebecca has with her husband, Howard. But Will? William has given up too much already for me to be jealous over anything he has. He’d give me the last thing he owned in the world, and then just be happy because he was able to give me something.

I suppose I’m a little jealous sometimes that people take him more seriously than they take me, and trust him with things they won’t trust me with, but I probably deserve that. And I do envy his height. (He grins).

From Sara and Kristy: Where Quinn is concerned — did you step aside because you really have no romantic feelings for her, or because you love and respect William?

Thomas: Quinn is … I love that girl to pieces, she’s funny, stubborn, and smart. I’m not sure there’s anyone I enjoy teasing quite as much as I do her. She’s beautiful, yes, but I think I’d love her the way I do even if she had three eyes. In different circumstances, I’m sure I would have tried to win her. And I’m also almost certain that I would have failed in the attempt. She would have left my heart in a million pieces on the floor.

Did I step aside because of my love and respect for William? Honestly, no. If you’d seen it — been there the night I first met Quinn, saw her with William — if you’d seen what I saw … You would understand that I didn’t step aside. I stepped in. Maybe more than I should have, but nobody’s ever accused me of minding my own business. Do I love Quinn? Unequivocally. And enough to see right where she belongs.

From Jennifer: Then what were you thinking kissing her like that?

Thomas: Yeah … that one falls into stepping in more than I should have. Not that I regret that decision exactly, but it wasn’t precisely gentlemanly of me, I know. You have to consider the circumstances, though. Here Quinn was in Eirentheos, and she and William had barely spoken to each other in days. She was about to go home, back to Zander, and that could have been it. William would have gone back to school with her, and moped around while he watched her and Zander get closer and closer. I wasn’t planning on being captured. I was running out of ways to keep those two circling each other, even if it was to argue. I needed to do something to make her question her feelings about Zander and her life in Bristlecone. And anyway, it worked great as a distraction to get her through the gate.

From Tonya: So, we know you were intrigued by Quinn — do you know what characteristics you are looking for in an eventual mate?

Thomas: Hmm … She has to love to laugh, but it would probably be best if she could balance me out a little, too — keep me serious when I need to be. She needs to be a girl who knows how to care for people, how to put others’ needs in front of her own sometimes. Other than that — I’ll know her when I see her.

From Kristy/Sara: What do you think of Mia?

Thomas: (raises an eyebrow) Why? What do you know? (grins) Mia is a sweetheart. Adorable, with a heart ten times more beautiful than she is on the outside. I might like to get to know her better. 😉

From Alyssa: What goes on at the palace when William and Nathaniel are gone? What kinds of activities do you do and do you go on any trips?

Thomas: Living in a castle is pretty busy most of the time. William is often gone for as much as fifty days at a time, and Nathaniel is usually gone much longer. Nathaniel, I would say, lives in Bristlecone more than he does in Eirentheos.

When William is not around, I very much live the life of an Eirenthean prince, which means a lot of things. As the king’s children, we’re expected to be educated even more than an ordinary citizen would be. You’d never guess, but I do actually spend a good deal of time reading and studying. My brothers and I are also trained in sword fighting and other military arts, even though our kingdom has been at peace for several generations now.

Once we’re twelve, we also spend one full day each week serving people somewhere in the kingdom. When William and Nathaniel are gone, I often do what I can to assist the healers and clinics I’ve gotten to know so well on my travels with the two of them. Some weeks I’ll take supplies out to Mistle Village with Linnea or one of my other brothers — Daniel just turned twelve this cycle, and he is really beginning to enjoy the trips —  and I’ll spend the day there tending to Jacob and Essie’s gardens or some other task they have trouble finding time for when they’re busy caring for people.

I don’t personally go on a lot of trips outside of those short ones for service and the ones I take with William. About once a cycle, our whole family will take a trip to some city or village in the kingdom, but it’s usually at a time when William is home for an extended stay.

My father and my older brothers — Simon particularly, but Maxwell, too — travel much more extensively. They are often away from the castle for weeks at a time visiting even the most remote villages. My father believes that it’s very important to know his kingdom and his people well.

There were some other fantastic questions, but this interview is getting rather long-winded already, so we’re going to stop it here for tonight with a final question.

From Jennifer: What is your favorite color?

Thomas: If I had to pick just one, I think I’d go with orange. I think the sunset is quite possibly the most beautiful sight that the Maker blesses us with. It’s the celebration of the end of a day, splashed brilliantly against the sky. A reminder that all things, good or bad, are precious because they don’t last, while at the same time reminding us of the constant cycle of new beginnings.

If you have more questions, or want to know more about what Thomas has shared with us here, please feel free to ask in the comments below. If he gets enough good questions, Thomas has even hinted he might be willing to do another interview. 🙂


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  1. Love Thomas! Thanks Bree for letting us all get to know him better! He seems much older and wiser than his years.

  2. Love the answers! They are SO Thomas. And I like him even more now…and I didn’t think that was possible. 🙂

  3. I loved this!! What a wonderful brother he is to all of his siblings! This is such a great way to get to know everybody. I hope we get interviews with others soon!!! Can’t wait for June!

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