Happy Birthday #Wordmongering!

I keep meaning to write a post about #wordmongering’s birthday. Until I actually do, I’m going to share some of the other lovely posts I’ve found from the dear friends who travel the #wordmongering path with me.

Leggy's Many Sides

Most of you may see me #wordmongering on Twitter. This is one of my favorite places to visit and use while I’m writing. Before I found wordmongering, I’d sit there dilly dallying instead of writing. It took me five months to write the first four chapters of my book, and when I found wordmongering, I wrote the last seven chapters in two months! I also used this religiously during NaNoWriMo (not like I didn’t already, though). 😉

The way #wordmongering works: you write from the top of the hour to the half and write like the wind. At the end of the thirty minute sprint you post your word count along with the hashtag, compare and celebrate everyone’s progress. There is only one rule… negativity and the word “only” get left at the door. Sounds harsh? Not at all. Some writers can write close to 2k within the half hour and…

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  1. Hopefully I’ll be ready to start writing again in the next week or so…and then even more hopefully, I’ll remember to use Wordmongering. 🙂

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