Happy Read Across America Day! :)

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!  Today, kids all across the country will be celebrating the birthday of Dr. Seuss, who would have been 108 today! (Yeah, I’ll bet he’s glad he’s not!)

So how do we celebrate the birthday of one of the best-loved writers of children’s books in history? BY READING! Yes, my living room today is littered with books (okay … there’s a toddler here who’s obsessed with emptying baskets, it’s possible my living room is littered with books everyday, ’cause there are usually about ten baskets of children’s books spread throughout the room). But still, we’re enjoying it.

We contemplated making green eggs and ham, but we’re kind of into natural foods and avoiding food dyes around here. So, we’re going to do something else green — OOBLEK! 🙂


Ooblek is a fun (messy) substance that is perfect both for sensory fun (for preschoolers) and also makes a great science lesson (is it a solid or a liquid? It has properties of both!)

Here is a fun video about making Ooblek. (The powder is cornstarch, the liquid is plain water. We like to add food coloring to ours — we just don’t EAT much food coloring!)


And … in celebration of reading for those of us a little past the Ooblek stage …



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  1. I’m watching the Ooblek video and all I can think is…wow, she should have taken her rings off and, if she’d used a measuring cup, she wouldn’t have spilled the water on the table. Guess that makes me too old for playing with that stuff, huh? 🙂

    Love the poem. And to have it delivered with that accent… Yeah, I’ll probably be listening to it again.

  2. LOL, Kristy. 🙂 Ooblek isn’t actually as messy as you might guess. It would wash right off her rings. It dries right back into cornstarch, and is easy to wipe (or vacuum!) up.

    And what’s the point of not spilling water on the table? The Ooblek is going to be oozing there in a few minutes anyway. 🙂 Kids are messy people. There comes a point each week when I just give up on most of my house and wait for the weekend. LOL.

    And yeah… the guy with the accent, with the poem … *happy sigh*

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