It’s Not All Just Because I’m Getting Old …

It is probably mostly because I’m so often distracted, as so many of us are, between working and writing and marketing, and doing the single-mommy thing. There are so many little things that slip my mind sometimes, or the day just gets away from me.

But sometimes it’s nice to have a little reminder that lots of these things are just part of being human.

And the laugh is nice, too. 🙂

Tonight, my sweet Little Goose was getting herself set up to play in the living room and watch some shows, so she came and got her little bowl of broccoli from me, and I saw her, with the remote to the Roku tucked under her arm. A few minutes later there’s the whine — the kind only a four-year-old can properly muster. “Mom! What did you do with the remote?”


“You had it! What did you do with it?” It was the kind of pout you can see from the other room.

“Little Goose — I just saw you with it.”

No … you put it up somewhere earlier so the babies couldn’t get it!”

“And after that, sweetheart, you had it. You were just carrying it. I saw you.”

“Well then where did I put it?” Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. Back to the kitchen.

I started giggling. Immediately.

What? Oh. It was in my hand the whole time.

Fortunately, she has a great sense of humor.

And her mom’s skills at multi-tasking.



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  1. I LOVE it when stuff like that happens! Especially when the person…like Little Goose…is a good sport about it. When I was a teenager, my mom had some dental work done…complete with laughing gas and something else to calm her down (I come by my fear of dentists honestly). Afterward she had me and the dental assistant looking EVERYWHERE for her glasses because she couldn’t find them in her purse. We found them resting…on the bridge of her nose. At least she had the excuse of being drugged…

    Love the video! Things like that are why I hang notes for things I REALLY need to remember on my bathroom mirror. 🙂

  2. LOL about your mom, Kristy! 🙂 I would do something like that WITHOUT the excuse of being drugged. More than once I’ve been chatting with a friend on the phone and trying to leave the house at the same time only, I can’t leave, because I’m running all over the house, desperately looking FOR MY PHONE. 🙂

    Little Goose comes by it very honestly.

    The video cracked me up, too.

    • Too funny! But I think it’s the type of thing we’re all guilty of…and age has nothing to do with it. I’ve looked all over the house before for my car keys…only to find them in my hand. And the number of things I lose on my desk…sitting in plain sight right in front of my face is just pitiful. 🙂

  3. Cute post! Love the little ones and the funny things they do, especially when it mirrors our own.


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