Let it Snow, Let it Snow …

We’re getting our first big snowfall of the year here in Denver. The ground is sparkling white and it’s beautiful.  Little Goose is desperate to get outside in her snow pants and snow boots to make snow angels and a snowman.

I don’t love snow, although I can appreciate the beauty of it much more when I don’t have to go out in it! 🙂 However, I still wish a pleasant, sunny walk to the park was in the plans for today.

So, for those of you who, like me, aren’t yet ready for summer to end … an excerpt from Chapter 19 of Seeds of Discovery!

Nobody said anything as William walked over to Thomas and Quinn and sat down.
“Gorgeous day,” William finally broke the silence. “A little warm, though.”
Quinn heard Thomas’ quiet sigh of relief. “Yes it is.” He answered. “Want to go for a swim?”
“Sure.” William was actually smiling.
“What? In the river?” Quinn was surprised.
“Where else?” Thomas asked.
“Is it … safe?”
“Definitely… it’s wide here, and the current’s not strong at all.”
It was William who caught her concern. “Water’s safe here, Quinn. No pollution in our world. You could drink right out of it. Warmer than Colorado, too.”
Quinn looked down at the brown short-sleeved shirt and woven pants she was wearing. “I don’t have a swimming suit.”
Thomas shrugged, “Wear your clothes. It’s warm enough today, you’ll dry. There’s some extra stuff packed, anyway.”
Quinn still wasn’t sure. “I’ll think about it,” she said.
“Suit yourself.” Thomas stood and pulled off his shirt, then waded into the river. William followed him.
Quinn stayed on the shore and enjoyed the sunshine as the brothers walked out almost to the middle of the river, into water up to their waists. Thomas, always the bolder of the two, was the first to disappear under the surface and bob up a second later, shaking his head and splattering William.
William responded by using his hands to send a huge wave of water rolling toward Thomas, who failed to move to the side quickly enough. Within seconds, it degenerated into a full-blown water fight, both boys laughing and splashing water. Quinn found herself laughing as well.

While Thomas was the more muscular of the two, now that he was shirtless, Quinn could see that William was not at all as lanky as she’d thought. It was clear that he, too, put in plenty of physical work during his stays in Eirentheos. Quinn felt herself blush when she realized she was staring.
The afternoon was growing hotter. The clear water in the river looked more and more inviting as the boys’ friendly war calmed, and they spent time swimming up and down a short, wide span. Finally, she decided she would at least wade in. Quinn took off her shoes and socks, and rolled up her pants legs as far as she could.
The water felt incredible. William was right; it was much warmer than the mountain river at home, but it was still cool enough to be refreshing. The riverbed was smooth sand under her feet. She’d never seen such clear water. The afternoon sun sparkled off the small waves created by the gentle current. Before she realized what she was doing, she was in water up past her knees, and the bottoms of her pants legs were wet. Suddenly, a giant splash completely soaked the front of her.
“Th…” she started to yell, but stopped after she wiped her eyes, surprised to see William standing right in front of her, laughing. “Hey!” she shouted instead.
William laughed. “You were going to get wet anyway,” he teased, “this is too nice to resist.”
He was right, she knew. So she responded by aiming a giant splash at his face, which he neatly avoided by ducking under the water and swimming away, leaving Quinn with no choice but to follow.
An hour later, the three of them climbed back on to the riverbank, exhausted and dripping. Quinn’s cheeks hurt from smiling. Thomas handed her a blanket to wrap herself in, though he and William just went and laid in the grass.
Quinn walked over, and the boys cleared a space for her between them. She sat for a moment, watching them.
“What are the chains for?” she wondered. Both boys wore identical silver chains around their necks, with some kind of silver pendants hanging from them, very visible now against their bare chests.
Neither boy opened his eyes. “They symbolize our gifts,” Thomas answered.

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  1. You need to post a picture for snow lovers (like me). I’m very jealous. Too warm where I’m at for anything but greenish brown. 🙂

  2. I’m really looking forward to reading this book! Thanks for the excerpt. : )

  3. By the way, my daughter is quite jealous (like her mother) that you…all the way out there, and a friend in the Philadelphia area ALL got snow this week…and we did not. NO FAIR!

    • See, and I’m mostly glad it’s all melted now. 🙂 Though my daughter is distressed about it. Her Papa bought her a sled today and she’s itching to try it. She was actually sledding down the little patch of icy snow that’s on the north side of our fence in the shade this evening.

      Again, I’m just glad though. The cold, dry air has given her some wicked chapped/dry spots right on the corners of her mouth that are horrible. Cracked and bleeding. Not sure what to do. Combine that with a disastrous chin-plant on the hardwood floor earlier in the week, and I told her she’s not going to need a costume tomorrow. 😦

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