Daily Writing Progress, Week Four: Monday

Okay, so last week was an utter disaster in terms of word count. 🙂 I don’t know why. Maybe it was stress, probably distraction had something to do with it… and I think a big part of it was “incubation.”  I had all these ideas of where the story was going to go… I’ve had it mapped out for a long time, but they needed time. Time to sit, to “incubate” before they were ready to hatch. At least that’s the story I’m telling myself. 😉

Anyway, I spent the weekend in discussions and outlining sessions with my dear friend, and writing partner, Krysta Hunt, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to get back on track this week.  Any magic sparkling writing dust blowing my way would be much appreciated. I am really going to try for 10k this week.

How was your week last week? Did you meet any goals? Anything exciting happen?

What are your goals for this week? Anyone else need magic dust?

Book Two current word count: 25,979

Total word count from Week Three: 4,146

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  1. I am still plugging along too. 🙂 At 56,500 on the third novel. I agree that things have to percolate for a while and things change as you write. Sometimes the story takes off in directions you weren’t expecting. Keep at it, missy! Wishing you much success.

  2. Absolutely ideas need time to grow. It took me over a year of thinking (off and on) to come up with the basic plot for my next series. Still got a ways to go, but it’s coming along. Fortunately I have enough projects going that it’s okay.

    No writing done this week, but while babysitting Saturday night for my sister, I did get two scenes plotted out for the next series.

    Keep up the good work. Because I can’t wait to FINISH book two…yours! 🙂

    • Thanks, as always, for your support. Someday, when I find some dump trucks full of magic writing dust, you and I will have to meet up at a vacation spot somewhere to actually “meet” and we’ll sit in the pile as if it were a hot tub, and write! 🙂

  3. Oh…and I need a dump truck-full of magic sparkling writing dust. Maybe two. But I can share. 🙂

  4. perhaps finding conflict within characters and within scenes could help avoid some of the blocks

    • Spot on advice, as always, thank you. 🙂 I think my bigger issue is that I was bumping up against a pivotal scene/chapter that I really needed to be able to envision. A royal wedding in an alternate world needed some thought. LOL. The conflict early in the chapter was easy. 🙂

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