Daily Writing Progress, Week Three: Tuesday

How many words did I write yesterday? 1,105 Yay! I broke the 1k mark. All of my writing yesterday was done on the first chapter I have so far that’s told in William’s point of view. 🙂 It was a lot of fun to get a glimpse of what’s going on in his head (and what a sweet guy he really can be, btw). I might have gotten more written yesterday, but the inspiration for writing this new scene came during my shower last night, and I deleted the rest of the day’s feeble efforts.

Book Two progress so far: 22,918

Book Two is now officially more than 1/3 as long as Book One. 🙂

How was your writing/work/goal day yesterday?

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  1. William’s POV??? I don’t know if I knew this was going to happen or not but…yay!!! I can hardly wait to read it! Congratulations on the 1,105 words and hitting the solid one-third mark.

    Now I’m going to go wonder why ‘William’s’ is red-lined. Hmm…

  2. Yes, William’s POV. 🙂 I’m even considering a bit of Thomas’…

  3. My daily goal was 2K words. It’s doable, but you need a lot of discipline (which I admittedly lack) so I lowered it to 1K. I did today about 450 words, weeeeell below my self-imposed daily minimum.

    Baby steps, I say. Baby steps.

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