Paperback Release!

As of today, Seeds of Discovery is available in paperback on Amazon! It’s also on sale in the CreateSpace store, for the same price and I get more in royalties, but you have to pay for shipping, and the CreateSpace storefront is beyond terrible, really. So, I suggest buying it on Amazon. So yay! If any of you have been waiting for the paperback version, now is your chance!

Of course, you could always wait and buy your own autographed copy from me … I’ll have those soon. And speaking of that, to all of you wonderful, amazing people that I know … be on the lookout for your invitation to the big book release/housewarming/Little Goose’s VERY belated birthday party … there will be a piñata!

In honor of the release … it’s time for a poll!

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  1. That’s exciting. I’m in the process of self-publishing a book too. What’s worked for you in terms of bringing in sales/ getting people interested?

    • Well, thus far, the vast majority of the interest has come from people I already actually know, or have had some kind of previous contact with. I have “met” a few amazing people along the journey of learning to market and network socially, and from there, I’ve gotten some word-of-mouth. Nothing too exciting has actually happened yet … I’m just running with “fake it ’till I (hopefully!) make it!

  2. I will wait for the autographed copies. Let me know when you get them. 🙂

    And send me a pinata please… LOL, jk.

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