Trying to Blog, I Really Am!

Every time I am trying to go to sleep, or driving in the car, I have all of the great and wonderful thoughts about the next truly amazing blog post I am going to write. (I know, I know, there would have to be a first amazing one before there could be a next, but humor me). And then I get to the computer and *poof* they’re gone. This is why you get the posts you do, sorry. And yes, I did try the whole notebook-and-pen in the bedside drawer thing that I’ve heard for ages writers are supposed to do.  Well, it was a pen and an envelope. The first three pens were out of ink, and the only actual notebook/journal is the one I’m keeping of memories and events for Little Goose, but you get the idea. So today I retrieved the envelope, and read my notes … and had no idea what any of them meant.

I don’t do things like other people do them. 😦 I am so not an “indie” because it’s a kinda cool thing to be right now. In fact, it will probably go completely out of style the second I figure it out. I’d apologize to all of the rest of the awesome indie folks for ruining the fun, but really, you’ll move on to the next great thing first.

On the home front, it has (of course) been a crazy week.  We’re now getting ready for the big move, which had a considerable slowdown when we were hit by a big, nasty, stomach flu bug early in the week. I’m still catching up on the laundry from that one (hehe… nice to have an excuse this time!) It’s been a big week in other mental/emotional ways as well, but I’m not quite at the point where I’m ready to share those thoughts publicly yet.

What I would like to share right now (because these thoughts are ALWAYS the top ones in my head) is thank you, thank you, thank you to all of my amazing family and friends (new and old, near and far) who have been so kind as to share likes and retweets and other such virtual hugs in support of the upcoming release of Dusk Gate: Seeds of Discovery. This has truly been one of the most inspiring and exciting times of my life, and even if in the end the book only sells four copies, it will have been worth this fantastic ride that I’ve been able to be on lately.

And to Krysta Hunt … you will never, ever know how intensely grateful I am for the support you have provided to me thus far … from knowing Quinn, William, Thomas and Xander as well as (and sometimes better than) I do — for being able to live inside Eirentheos with me, for being the genius behind getting through the scenes with Tolliver, to, gosh, there is just no limit to the wonderful things you have been doing,  … YOU ROCK, LADY. And the years we spent apart make me sad.

Anyway, sorry it’s disjointed, and thanks for reading if you made it this far. Time now to put Little Goose to bed (yes, I already tried that, but it didn’t stick, so now I must go cuddle with her).




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  1. I think your blogging is wonderful. 🙂

  2. Thanks Michele! I really love yours, too. 🙂

  3. I think your blogs are great! If the pen/paper thing isn’t working out for you, you might try a hand-held recorder that you keep by your bed. Then you could just grab it, press a button and mumble whatever idea it was that kept you awake…or woke you from a sound sleep. 🙂

    • Thanks Kristy! The problem is that it’s not just a little snippet of an idea that keeps me awake… it’s fully-formed sentences, paragraphs, an entire blog post. So jotting down (or even speaking) the essence of it doesn’t work. I do that with my writing as well … entire scenes, commas and all, type themselves in my brain while I’m in the shower. I think that the problem is that once I’ve thought it, my brain feels it’s written it. I think it’s also why I have trouble outlining, or taking notes, or any of it. LOL. Oh well, hopefully some of it counts as time spent practicing my craft. 🙂

  4. It does count because your brain is still in ‘writing mode.’ But I don’t know what to advise you on this problem. Usually when that happens to me, I get up and get it written right then (depending on how important to the story I think it is). If I’m too tired, I just say a little prayer that I remember in the morning if I’m too tired. Sometimes I’ll repeat the thought in my head a few times in hopes that it is still there when I wake up. Whether it helps or not, I can’t really say.

    • Because you don’t remember. 🙂 LOL. I think it may just be something I’m going to have to live with. In the case of scenes from actual stories, sometimes I do play those over and over in my head until they’re just what I want. Scenes I really like, I’ll revise in my brain 20 or 30 times and then come back and do it on paper.

  5. LOL…yup! I think it works often enough that I’ve obviously remembered some, but who knows what I’ve lost because I didn’t drag myself out to the office and write it down when I should have. I guess that’s something we all have to live with because, writers or not, we do have to sleep sometimes! 🙂

  6. You might be surprised, Breeana. I’m not saying it wouldn’t need some polishing, but I think some of my best ideas have come from a sleep deprived brain on occasion. Your mind tends to wander to places you might not think of when you’re well rested. LOL…the only problem is, you have to stay awake enough to get the ideas written. 🙂

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