Calm is Under-Rated

Seriously, I don’t think that there’s ever going to actually be a time that my life is calm. Even accounting for the fact that I am the proud mother of an active four-year-old, and my definition of calm has changed… my life still never matches that description. On Thursday evening, I decided I have to move.

Now, I’ve contemplated moving before, but decided against it, because the place where we live looks completely perfect for us – it’s a nice, two-bedroom townhouse with a full basement, an attached garage, and a small patio.  It’s also located in the middle of a beautiful, enormous courtyard, filled with shady trees, a huge swath of smooth concrete that isn’t a walkway, and a big gazebo.  Lovely. It’s quiet and calm here, and my rent is incredibly reasonable.  I have a great landlord who takes care of any issues promptly.

Perfect. Until Thursday.  On Thursday evening, my landlord brought over three notices he had received of my violating the HOA covenants.  Now, I’ve violated the HOA once before, and that was bad enough.  My crime? “Storing” a milk-delivery cooler outside my back door on my (private, personal) driveway.  I should have known then.

My three violations now?  a.) Watching some kids here during the summer. b.) Using (washable) sidewalk chalk on the concrete. c.) Allowing my child and her friends to ride tricycles and scooters on aforementioned wide swath of concrete (which apparently serves no purpose.)  There are benches and trees scattered about the concrete — it is not a walkway.

My four-year-old basically cannot play at her home.

So, we found a new home today, and we will begin the crazy, long process of moving, which will be completed on or before September 15.  In the meantime, I am distracted and haven’t been able to focus for the last couple of days on the things I really want to.  The new situation should be much better for us in almost every way, except rent-wise, so please pray for provision for us.

Also… any moving help would be greatly appreciated!

Once we’re moved, I’m throwing a big party.  The new place actually has its own little yard, but we’ll  also back up to a fantastic greenbelt AND an enormous lake and park.  We’ll celebrate with a combination housewarming-book release-SUPER late 4th birthday party for Little Goose.

Yes, you’re invited. 🙂


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  1. Sounds like your landlord (and maybe some of your neighbors) leave a little to be desired, so it’s probably for the best that you’re moving. If you can’t ‘live’ there, what’s the point of ‘living’ there? I don’t envy you though. We moved 3 years and 7 months ago into our new house…after 13 years in the same place. Thinking about it too much is likely to cause nightmares, lol. I hope you get LOTS of help because I just can’t imagine moving with a 4 year old. Well actually I can. At least with toddlers and a baby.

    • It’s not my landlord, actually. The poor guy was nearly as frustrated with the notices as I was…It was just his unfortunate job to deliver them to me, since the HOA doesn’t ever communicate with tenants. Twice in the last three years I’ve been quite lucky with timing that my car wasn’t stuck in my garage for two days or so while they repaved the driveway, because my landlord (understandably) thought they’d probably notify the people who actually live here. He’s been great for the three years that I’ve lived here, and I feel bad that I’m going to give him a 30-day notice on Monday — though the rent here is SO reasonable, I’m sure he will fill the vacancy quickly.

      And the new place will be great for the four-year-old. She’s crazy excited, because she is now going to be separated from her two best-friends and her long-time loving baby-sitter/mommy’s fantastic friend by a grassy, hilly greenbelt.

  2. Happy moving – it will all turn out for the best, you’ll see. 🙂

  3. Wow. We’re living in my MIL’s townhome at the moment, and she’s part of the HOA. I’m stunned that sidewalk chalk is against regulations. It washes off. It’s not a permanent blight. It’s not like she (and I’m assuming the other kids) were attacking your neighbors’ places with black spray paint or something. Here, people’s patios are pretty much their business, as evidenced by the people who have nothing but paving stones and others who actually are attempting a “yard” in that small space.

    I’m glad you’ve found something that should be better for you. Good luck!

  4. When my father was alive he lived in a subdivision with an HOA. I really annoyed me when I’d hear about all the things they were/were not allowed to do. While I don’t think anyone should ever be a bad neighbor or tenant, I also think that rules can go way too far. You pay rent to LIVE in a home, which includes a yard, sidewalk and courtyard. To be unable to use any of it is just ridiculous.

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