Daily Archives: August 3, 2011

Momentum Might Be Returning…

Sometime in June (I can’t find the card atm), I set a goal for myself of 1,000 words a day, no excuses.  When I first sit down to begin writing each day, I write the date on an index card, and the number of words currently in my manuscript. Once I reach 1,000 words more, I get to put a little star next to the number. On the rare occasion I write 2,000, I get to put a second star.  If I go over, that’s awesome, but it doesn’t count toward the next day. Later, if my word count reaches what it should have reached by a certain time, I can put a checkmark on the day I missed, but the opportunity for a star is lost.

Silly, I know.  But the system of goal-setting worked miracles for my momentum, and I finished the rough draft of my manuscript for Dusk Gate on July 16. My writing is definitely at its best when I’m writing at a speed of at least 1k a day… that’s when the magic starts happening, and my characters take over and make decisions for themselves. (Yes, I am a lunatic, why do you ask?)
After the sixteenth, I got wrapped up in revisions and edits and beta-readings, and website building, and lost my momentum for continuing the story in Book Two. By the end of July, I had only 596 words of it written.
So I started fresh on August 1. Dutifully wrote down 596, and tried to write. Didn’t make it. August 2 started at 904, tried to write. Didn’t happen. August  3 and I’m finally getting somewhere.  I started the day at 1,430, and I’m currently at 3,767.  That’s two stars, and two checkmarks.  I’m crossing my fingers that this means the momentum is back!