Daily Archives: August 2, 2011


It’s awfully quiet around here today. The Fantastic K left with Papa this morning to head back to Nebraska, taking with her about 100 books she helped clean from my stash last night. Papa says she’s enjoying them in the car.  We miss her already, but the quiet is kind of nice too.  No other kids are here today, and Little Goose is enjoying getting to play all of the games her way, make whatever noises she wants, and pick out all of the television shows.

For me, it’s time to get back to writing, revising, and marketing. Book Two is currently 904 words long, which is already behind my goal… 1k a day starting yesterday.
Thanks to all of you who have read my website and or commented so far.  I appreciate and love you all.  Contests soon for e-book giveaways for Dusk Gate: Seeds of Discovery!